“1% of Anything” Gets Picked Up by a Cable Network, and Sets a Premier Date


“1% of Anything” has finally landed on a cable network DramaX. Although, not a very well known network, but never the less, it still finally secured a spot. The remake of the very popular 2003 version, will star Ha Seok Jin (“D-Day”) and Jeon So Min (“Maids”).

The drama is a romantic comedy about a chaebol (Ha Seok Jin), who is good looking, smart but also very arrogant. Because of his less than thrilling personality and self entitlement, he is forced to enter into a marriage to a kind and hard working woman by his grandfather, in order to receive his inheritance. Eventually the two end up falling for each other, and the rest is drama history.

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It is a bit disappointing that this show ended up on a virtually unknown network, that is mostly known for airing re-runs. Is it the lack of interest in the remake, or a bad version of the cult classic in general? Production for the company also announced that the drama will also be released on a mobile app Oksusu, with lag time between the app and the television version. In fact, the episodes will first be streamed on the app, followed by an official and more edited version that will premier a week later on DramaX.

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This type of placement and release schedule is very unorthodox, and does not bode well for the show. I do not understand the rational behind it. Being picked up by a network is hard enough, and with so many amazing dramas this year, it is not that surprising that this ended up on a not so prominent channel. However, releasing one version on an app, and then releasing another version of the same episode on t.v. is ridiculous. Since the original version is at the top of the list of my classics, I will most likely give the new version a try anyway. However, I am silently wincing on the inside and praying that this does not turn into a disaster.

The pre-produced “1% of Anything” will premier on Oksusu September 30th, and on DramaX October 5th.

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