Namgoong Min Making Special Appearance On “Doctors”!

namgoong min-doctors

Namgoong Min has been everywhere these days, and he’s not going away any time soon. The popular actor is fresh off from filming “Oh Hae Young Again”, and will be making a cameo on “Doctors” which will air on August 1st.

namgoong min-doctors2

The episode will feature Namgoong Min as a single father of two, who is looking for a neurosurgeon for his sick son. It will be really interesting to see the actor in this role. He has proven to be very versatile in the past several years, never knowing what to expect from him. Although, I like seeing him in wholesome roles such as this, I do however have a preference for the darker personas he sometimes takes up. He is so good at being bad. I can not imagine anyone else playing the cold hearted murderer in “Sensory Couple” but him. The drama just wouldn’t have been the same. In “Remember” he completely personified the villain. I am looking forward to see what the future holds for this actor. I enjoy being surprised from time to time with an unexpected role from well known actors we have grown accustomed to.





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