“W” Releases New Stills From Upcoming Episode!


MBC released stills from upcoming episodes of “W” that feature Lee Jong Suk and Lee Tae Hwan in a boxing ring. Sources for the drama stated that the stills are a flashback, and are meant to depict of how Kang Chul and his trusted sidekick Seo Do Yoon began their friendship.


“W” is literally exploding. The fantasy drama is surpassing all other shows that are currently on air, and they are only on episode four. Representatives for the show are promising even better episodes ahead “The third episode was great, but the scripts for episodes seven and eight are the best. You should look forwarded to it”. Oh trust me, we are! Other sources are also stating “There will be an even more exciting story starting in episode eight”.


Even more exciting that what we’ve seen so far? That’s a strong statement. This drama has been absolutely amazing and flawless so far. The story is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and the actors are doing a great job at really personifying their characters. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.

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