Joo Won To Star In New Film, Due Out Later This Year!


Joo Won is very busy these days, doing everything from the small screen to the silver screen. The actor has been confirmed for a new sci-fi flick that will be out by the end of 2016.

The movie is called “Overtime”, and is about a team of special force operatives who try to take back the world after it has been invaded by aliens. Joo Won will play a young agent leading the fight against the extra terrestrials. Kim Kang Woo (“Goobye Mr. Black”) and Kim Sang Joong (“Doctor Stranger”) will join him as his co-operatives. Wow this movie sounds intense…

kimsang joongkimkangwoo

Joo Won is also starring in “My Sassy Girl” this year, a drama that is based on on the 2001 hit movie of the same name. “My Sassy Girl” will be completely pre-produced, with filming beginning this month. The question is..when is the actor going to find the time for both projects, especially if they are filming at the same time. Although, my heart does go out to him for the exhaustion that is inevitable, I am secretly smiling on the inside because a double dose of Joo Won is never something to complain about.





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