Taecyeon Talks Kiss Scenes With Kim So Hyun For “Let’s Fight Ghost”


Taecyeon did an interview this week for “Let’s Fight Ghost” and was coily asked about his intimate scenes with Kim So Hyun who is 11 years his junior. Tsk tsk reporter for daring to go there…

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The actor replied that he is aware of the age gap and that it has been brought up to him before. He stated “Kim So Hyun is 11 years younger than me. I’m trying to not feel anything. I got in a lot of trouble from people around me.There was a kiss scene right at the beginning. I think our acting was natural. Since we passed a huge obstacle in the beginning, everything else seems minor in comparison”.

Nicely handled Taecyeon! The couple shows undeniable chemistry on screen and their drama reflects that with great ratings. While watching the show, I don’t notice a large age gap between the two. Lots of credit to both actors for their professionalism.

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