Lee Je Hoon Will Be Romancing Shin Min Ah In “Tomorrow With You”


It’s confirmed…Lee Je Hoon will be starring opposite Shin Min Ah in the romance drama “Tomorrow With You”. After a few fall outs and castings switch-ups we have our two leads.

“Tomorrow With You” is a fantasy rom-com  about a time traveler and his wife. Lee Je Hoon will play a successful real estate mogul and a time traveler. Shin Min Ah will play a photographer who marries Lee and later finds out about his secret. The drama will be directed by Yoo Je Won (“Oh My Ghostess”).


I am really excited to see these in a romantic drama together. Lee Je Hoon is so charismatic on screen, so pairing up with Shin Min Ah could be fireworks. The drama will be completely pre-produced and is not slated to air until 2017.


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