“Cinderella and Four Knights” Holds Press Conference, Talks “Boys Over Flowers” Similarities

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tvN held a press conference for their upcoming drama “Cinderella and Four Knights”, and all the boys looked dashing surrounding Park So Dam. The guys mostly wore suits and Park wore a demure white and black dress.

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There were lots of laughs at the conference and all the stars were in good spirits. Ahn Jae Hyun also spoke candidly about how this drama reminds him of the classic “Boys Over Flowers”. It’s interesting that he should name “Boys” since his now wife, Ku Hye Sun, starred in that drama. He said “It feels a little bit like ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ The relationships between the characters are similar, and it’s about all the men around the female protagonist. Because of the similarities, I spoke with Ku Hye Sun a lot about what my position should be in the drama. For example, if Jung Il Woo is an aloof character that is silently always there for the female lead, then we talked a lot about how I would need to portray my character”.

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The actor recently married Ku, his “Blood” costar, in a low key ceremony, and the couple donated all the money that would have been spent on the wedding to a children’s hospital. Ahn has mentioned before, that his dream was to marry young, and when he met Ku, he instantly knew she was the one. He also said that his wife is very supportive of him “I did the drama after doing what I wanted most in life: get married. She was of course very supportive, but more than that, I was able to act comfortably. I am so thankful to Ku Hye Sun.”

So cute to always hear him speak about his wife. I haven’t seen one interview with him lately where he doesn’t mention her. Kudos to him and the entire cast on a successful press conference.

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