First Glimpse of Park Seo Joon’s “Hwarang: The Beginning”


KBS decided to give us a sneak peek into their highly anticipated “Hwarang: The Beginning”, and it’s looking good already. The network released the first stills of leads Park Seo Joon and Go Ara in costume and they are oh so pretty. They also released some pictures from the script reading where the whole cast can be seen.


The drama is essentially a flower boy drama. It is describes as a story about Hwarang (Flowering Knights), who came about in the Silla dynasty. The show is already living up to its name by having a cast that’s filled with some of the best looking actors in the industry. Many are anticipating Park Seo Joon’s return to the small screen. This will also be Go Ara’s first drama since “You’re All Surrounded” in 2014. The actress did a couple of cameos here and there but no major roles until this.


I am really looking forward to seeing more promos for this show. “Hwarang” will not air until sometime in December, but I am anticipating stills and teasers to start flowing mid September. Stay tuned…


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