Shin Won Ho is Among Another Set of Stars Added to Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun’s “Legend of the Blue Sea”


This drama is coming together quicker than I can keep up. More casting has been announced for “Legend of the Blue Sea”, and more is still expected.

Cross Gene’s Shin Won Ho has been added to the drama as Tae Oh, who is a brilliant hacker. Hmm…hacker? I am assuming he will run in Lee Min Ho’s circle, since Lee is playing a con-artist. Shin is the youngest cast member thus far, however in no way a newbie. He has acted in dramas like “The Secret Marriage” and “Big.”

Another two stars rumored to be joining the production are Hwang Shin Hye (“Passionate Love”) and Sung Dong Il (“Reply 1988”). The two have not officially signed on the dotted line yet, however all signs point in that direction. These two veteran actors have an amazing body of work under their belts and the audience will be very familiar with them. If he accepts the role Sung will play an antagonist who wants to attempt to sell the mermaid (Jun Ji Hyun) to a top buyer. It is unclear which role Hwang is considering.

Hwang Shin-Hye Sung Dong-il

The leads, Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, have already departed to exotic locations to begin filming. This project will be one for the history books. With so many mega-names involved, it can’t be anything less than magical.


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