Lee Jong Suk In Talks To Headline New Movie


Lee Jong Suk is at a career high at the moment. The actor is currently starring in “W”, and is now in talks for a new movie. Lee has been offered a role to possibly co-star opposite Jang Dong Gun (“A Gentleman’s Dignity”) and Park Hee Soon (“All ABout My Romance”) in “VIP.”

jang dong gunparkheesoon

“VIP” is a noir film, and is about the son of a North Korean politician who embarks on a run from authorities after committing a murder. The film will be directed by Park Hoon Jung, who is know for previous projects in the same genre. Kim Myung Min (“Six Flying Dragons”) is also rumored to have already joined the project.

Wow this opportunity could be so great for Lee Jong Suk. He is a very versatile actors and has proven his capabilities with all kind of roles over the years. This project, if he accepts, could give him the opportunity to work with older and very established A-Listers. This could put him in a completely new category in the industry. I hope to hear more positive news on this one, stay tuned…


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