New Preview for Joo Sang Wook and Kim Hyun Joo’s “Fantastic” Showcases Each Character


jTBC decided to ramp up their promos for “Fantastic”, and this week we have a new teaser. This clip is the best we’ve had so far from the network, since the audience gets a peek into each character, rather than just the leads.

“Fantastic” is a romantic comedy about about a terminally ill writer Kim Hyun Joo) and a Hallyu star (Joo Sang Wook). Kim Hun Joo will play Lee So Hye, a thick skinned writer with a weakness for her family. After she learns of her terminal illness she decides to live life as she pleases.  Joo Sang Wook will play Ryu Hae Sung, who is known for being a bad actor but people love him anyway. His first real heartbreak happens to be Lee So Hye, and when they accidentally run into each other again they begin a passionate romance.

I am particularly interested in the noona romance between Ji Soo and Park Si Yeon. I usually find myself cringing at these sort of story-lines, but this one is grabbing my attention. Park is a veteran actress to some degree, and I can still remember the first time I saw her in “My Girl” over a decade ago. She has barely changed since then. Maybe that’s why it is not as awkward seeing her opposite someone so much younger. Looking forward to seeing what this drama has in store for us.



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