Park YooChun Accused of Sexual Assault for the Second Time, Will Retire if Found Guilty!


JYJ member and actor Park Yoochun has been accused of sexual assault for the second time this week. These new allegations come several days after it was first reported that he assaulted a waitress at a liqueur bar that is well known for arranging other types of entertainment for paying customers. The first round of allegations arose on Monday, after a waitress claimed that Park visited the establishment on June 3rd and assaulted her in the bathroom. The charges were filed by the waitress’ boyfriend and were subsequently dropped a couple of days later after retracting most of what they initially claimed and calling the incident a “misunderstanding.”

Now we have another waitress from the same establishment that has come forward, and is claiming that Park had assaulted her back in December of 2015, but since he is a celebrity she was afraid to come forward. She also claimed that Park assaulted her in the same manner as the first allegation and she now has the strength to speak up because she was not alone.

Park’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment has released an official statement:


“Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment. We apologize for worrying many people with our involvement in continuous scandalous cases. The recently reported second filed complaint against Park Yoochun are not true and we will take legal action for defamation and false accusation. We believe that he will be cleared of suspicion as the police are currently investigating the first lawsuit. We feel sad and regrettable to hear of news of another ridiculous lawsuit that has been filed through reports when Park Yoochun hasn’t even been asked for his testimony regarding the first case yet. Currently, Park Yoochun is in a state of great emotional shock. We ask for refrainment from reporting invalid and sensational news and hope that people will wait for the results from the investigation. In the case that Park Yoochun is found guilty of committing any crime, he will retire from the entertainment industry. Thank you.”

I am shocked that celebrities still sometimes make these kind of mistakes, by visiting less than proper bars that are known for less that scrupulous dealings, and somehow think they will not have a scandal on their hands. Whether he did it or not usually doesn’t matter in cases like these. The public tries these stars in their minds and not in the court of law. Their opinion and minds will be made up way before anything is settled or proven in this case. I feel sad for everyone involved and don’t understand how someone who has worked so hard at establishing his career could jeopardize it in just one day. No matter how this case turns out, Yoochun will be engraved in people’s minds as “the guy who may or may not have assaulted a girl”. This comes with an extremely negative connotation, as most people have an unforgiving nature. Park Si Hoo is still recovering from his scandal that happened over 3 years ago. His last drama did not do well and his movies with Yoon Eun Hye keeps getting pushed back and has yet to decided on a release date.

Let this serve as a lesson to everyone involved to fiercely protect their reputations, as it can go up in flames within seconds. Shedding a small tear…


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