Park So Dam is Autum Fearce in Grazia


Park So Dam is definitely making a name for herself in the industry. The actress shot a pictorial for Grazia magazine recently and talked about her hit drama “Cinderella and the Four Knights.”

The photos are edgy but don’t feel awkward. The photographer did a great job capturing the actress’ image while making her look a bit more modern. Park spoke candidly about her role, saying “I wanted to show that Ha Won is different than your typical Cinderella so I met with the drama staff very often. I would also rehearse for the drama in an environment that is similar to the actual filming.”

park-so-dam-graziaThe 25 year old also elaborated on her image, saying “I’m the type to set the mood when I’m with a group of friends, so I think my energetic personal earned me that label. I might be feeling really down but I’m able to up my energy fast. I can’t do anything when I’m feeling under the weather. I have to keep myself busy with work that gives me joy.

“Cinderella and the Four Knights” is doing quite well. The drama was placed well, on a Friday/Saturday time-slot with not too many competitors at the moment. Although, the show tends to play it safe, it is beginning to get a bit more interesting as we are getting into the second half of the series. It will be interesting too see what role she will choose next.



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