Police Issue Travel Bans In Park Yoonchun Investigation


Gangnam police has issued travel restrictions and bans for Park Yoochun and several other parties in the sexual assault investigation.

The first woman who had brought charges against the actor, along with her boyfriend and his cousin are banned from traveling outside the country.

The task force assigned to this case,  rated the establishments in question and confiscated material that may be used as evidence in the case. Some of these items include ledgers, receipts and other items deemed useful.

In the last few days, Park’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, has filed a lawsuit against the first accuser for blackmail. Park’s agency and the first accuser have also provided recordings of the meeting where both parties claim that a settlement offer was discussed.

The police are still in the midst of their investigation, and have many more people to question, among whom is Park Yoochun himself.

This story is getting messier by the moment. I am still hoping for some sort of reprieve in this case for everyone involved.

Stay tuned, as I am sure more dirty laundry will come out before the weekend is done…

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