Hyun Bin to Star in New Thriller Film!


Hyun Bin has been confirmed to star in a new movie called “Kkun.” In this flick, he will play a con-artist who swindles and cheats other con-artists. Well this should be interesting…

Yoo Ji Tae (“Healer”, “Secret Love”) is rumored to be Hyun Bin’s costar, but no official word from Yoo’s agency on the matter yet. If Yoo accepts the role, he will play a passionate prosecutor who goes after criminals who have defrauded others. Um…can anyone smell conflict brewing.

This will be Hyun Bin’s second consecutive film. He is currently filming “Cooperations”, in which he plays a North Korean detective who is sent to South Korea on mission to destroy a North Korean traitor cell.

Hyun Bin is obviously still reeling from the disaster that we know as “Hyde, Jekyll, Me.” I am glad to see that he is making better career choices with the recent films he has chosen , however I think everyone misses him in drama-land. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” was not very well written or casted, plus it rivaled “Kill Me, Heal Me”, which had a similar premise and aired at the same time. I don’t think many people can hold one bad drama against him and I am sure everyone is hoping for a comeback in a solid drama in the near future.

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