Alleged Victim in the Park Yoochun Sexual Assault Case Gives Interview


One of the accusers in the Park Yoochun scandal was interview by “PD Notebook”, and the interview was subsequently aired on MBC on June 28th.

She explained what allegedly happened the night of the incident:

“When you turn the music on there, it fills the space. He sings and turns club music up really loud. I didn’t really know how to match the mood because I hadn’t been working there for long, and I was thinking about what I should do when he came and put his arm around my waist and started dancing. He kept asking me ‘How much money do you need,’ and ‘Why are you here.’ He then said, ‘I can’t hear you, let’s go to the bathroom.’ I didn’t think anything of it and followed him in. He asked, ‘How much money do you need that you started working here? I can just earn money and then quit.’ His tone and attitude made me feel like he was trying to buy me, and his constant talk of money started to annoy me. He kept talking about money. He then kissed me. He grabbed my face and kissed me, and when he pulled away, he said, ‘What is this, there’s no emotion.'”

She continued by saying that at the time, she was in the middle of her menstrual cycle. “When he was kissing me, he lifted my skirt, so I told him to stop. I said, ‘Stop, I’m on my period.’ He then said, ‘Oh, but I still need to see if you and I are compatible.'”

She went on to say that she tried to escape, “I was going to leave, but in the moment when I looked in the mirror, he took his pants off. When I was standing there frozen in surprise, he forced me down. I said I didn’t want to and I wasn’t going to, so he then stood me up and turned me around.”

“I started crying, and he said, ‘It’s okay, because we’re going to date. We’re going to date now. You’re going to give oppa your number, right? Right?’ I didn’t respond.”

She continued by “I needed a lot of money. I needed money for education. There’s no prostitution there and you can earn a lot of money, I had never heard of employees leaving to go to a second location with customers, and the bar also stops you from going, because they don’t want problems.”

“In my opinion, he treated me as something less than a human being. If I were someone he really loved, would he have done it like that, there? As a man. He thought that the girls that work there won’t be able to report anything, they won’t be able to deny what I say, and there’s no CCTV in the bathroom, so they wouldn’t dare sue me.”

She also said “I think he thinks that he’s a celebrity and a top star, and that we wouldn’t mind sleeping with him. For me, I honestly needed the money, and my parent’s don’t have a great background, so I was working there purely for subsistence. But for the simple fact that I worked there, he thought nothing of me and sexually assaulted me. I can’t forgive him.”

There is really not much to say on the subject anymore. I think we are all waiting to see how this all ends.


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