Baek Jin Hee in Talks for “Missing 9”


This project can’t get their casting straight. There is another round of musical chairs when it comes to filling the female lead role in the upcoming drama “Missing 9” (formerly known as “Picnic”).

The SM produced drama, had previously offered the role to countless actresses which have since fallen through. Now, the production company is courting Baek Jin Hee (“Triangle”, “Empress Ki”). Baek’s agency, J IDE-Company, stated  “It’s true Baek Jin Hee received an offer to play Ra Bong Hee in ‘Missing 9’.  It has not been confirmed whether or not she will appear.  She’s in talks.”


“Missing 9″ is a Chinese-Korean collaboration, and will be a story about a group of idols who crash onto a deserted island after their plane goes down. It is said to be a drama about self growth and coming of age along with a fantasy romance. It is always a bit worrisome when a project faces this many challenges right from the beginning. It makes you wonder if it’s a bad script or just dumb luck. We shall have to wait and see.


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