“Cheese in the Trap” Movie Casts Oh Yeon Seo Opposite Park Hae Jin


Ladies and Gentleman, we have a leading lady. Oh Yean Seo has officially been given the role of Hong Seol in the remake of the no so successful drama “Cheese in the Trap.”

Park Hae Jin, will of course be reprising his role of Yoo Jung in the mobie version, and let the cat out of the bag by speaking candidly about casting. Park said “I’m glad that someone has been cast who is a good match for the role of Hong Seol. Of course Kim Go Eun did such a great job, but I wonder if Oh Yeon Seo might create a version of Hong Seol that is all her own and different from the one in the drama.” Very smooth…

oh yeon seo

Oh Yeon Seo is certainly keeping busy these days. The actress also swooped up the leading lady role in Joo Won’s new drama “My Sassy Girl”, when the not so well know Kim Joo Hyun was demoted to a supporting role.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed the the film is more like the original web-toon rather than the drama. Apparently, Oh Yeon Seo only got the part after casting not only in Korean but also in China was unsuccessful. Umm…not a very good omen. Filming is said to begin sometime in February, for release sometime in the second half of 2017.





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