CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin Joining “My Sassy Girl?!


Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE will be appearing in another big drama this year. The actor is being added to what is already an impressive cast of “My Sassy Girl.”

Lee’s agency, as well as the production for the drama stated “Lee Jung Shin will be appearing in ‘My Sassy Girl.’ Right now we are in the final stages of coordination.” Lee will be playing Kang Joon Young, who is described as a sweet and handsome guy. The drama is based on the wildly popular 2001 movie of the same name, and there are a lot of really high expectations riding on this. “My Sassy Girl” will be completely pre-produced and filming will begin this month.


You can catch Lee Jung Shin in “Cinderella and Four Knights” which is currently airing. The singer turned actor seems to be making great career choices. Not everyone who transitions from the music world to the screen does it in a good way. It’s good to see someone who actually has talent do well and hopefully have longevity in the industry. Kudos to Lee and his management.



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