Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun are “Drinking Solo” in Cosmopolitan


Park Ha Sun and Ha Suk Jin are glamorous in a spread for Cosmo. The pair are starring in tvN’s “Drinking Solo”, premiering September 5th.

“Drinking Solo” is a drama about young professionals who are studying for the civil service exam. The spread is very tastefully (no pun intended) done. The couple looks chic and modern against a backdrop of what else…a bar. I love the sophisticated feel of the shoot compared to the dowdy title of the drama.

drinkingsoloCosmo4 drinkingsoloCosmo3

Park and Ha also sat down for an interview with the magazine, where they were asked what was the most intense “solo” experience they’ve ever had. Park answered that it’s walking through a dark alleyway or singing Karaoke. Ha chimed in that she too enjoy doing Karaoke by herself “When I go with friends, I keep wanting to sing but can’t.”


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