SHINee’s Key and Jung Chae Yeon Steal the Show at “Drinking Solo” Press Conferene

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tvN’s “Drinking Solo” held it’s press conference for the upcoming show, ahead of the drama’s premier in one week. The leads, Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun, of course looked great together, in their matchy-matchy outfits, but Key and Jung Chae Yeon really stood out. The two young supporting cast members were really cute and showed a lot of chemistry. They were seen cheering each other on, and whispering in between questions.

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The drama is part of the “Let’s Eat” franchise, and is about young adults who are studying to take the civil service exam. The cast even shared a drink together, in commemoration of the drama’s title. The cast was asked about their personal drinking habits and who can drink the most during the conference. Key stepped in and said “Gong Myung, Kim Dong Young, and I film a lot of scenes together. One time, before heading into filming, the three of us got together at my house and drank, but Kim Dong Young and I can’t quite remember what happened that night. It was Gong Myung who took care of us, so I say the person who can drink the most is Gong Myung.”

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Gong Myung quickly added “I think my condition was good that night.” He then pointed at Ha Suk Jin, who previously mentioned that one of the reasons he chose this drama is because he is fond of drinking. Ha Suk Jin smiled at Gong Myung’s remark, and said “I’m someone who is fond of drinking, but I can’t say I can drink a lot. There were some serious rumors about our healthy and young dongsaengs, so I don’t think I can compare myself to them.” Hehe, this cast is really cute.

Tune in for the premier on September 5th.

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