“Entourage” Drops Character Posters


Character posters are finally here! Everything I am seeing from the upcoming “Entourage”, I am loving so far. tvN is is strategically dropping promos weekly…and its working.The feel of the drama mimics the American version, which is what most fans are expecting. This week we have a group shot and individual posters.

Jo Jin Woong will be playing Kim Eun Gap, The Korean Ari. His poster tagline reads “First you make the star, then you make the real actor. That’s my strategy!”


Next we have Seo Kang Joon, who plays the superstar Cha Young Bin. His tagline reads “It’s all about enjoying the best life. I’m telling you, it helps with the acting?”


Park Jung Min will take on the role of Cha Young Bin’s manager and best friend. His tagline reads “I don’t know if I’m working as a manager, or cleaning up after my friend.”


Lee Dong Hwi will play the Korean version of Turtle. His tagline reads “I’m not just an unemployed bum. I give Young Bin rides and I go places with him! Right?”


Last but not least, we have Lee Kwang Soo. He will play Cha Joon, who is a D-level star. His poster tagline reads “Back in the day, I was just as popular as H.O.T and Sechs Kies, you know?”


“Entourage” is set to premier November 4th, and the anticipation is building. Looking forward to more previews.


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