“Entourage” Confirms Official Time-Slot for the Fall


tvN’s “Entourage” has officially put the show on the map. The Korean remake of the very popular American version will run on Fridays/Saturdays on the network’s new time-slot at 11 pm.

“Entourage” is a series about a close nit group of fiends that run in the Hollywood, or in this case the K-Entertainment, industry. The show has already amounted a list of A-list cameos ranging from Jin Goo to Kang Ha Neul. I am assuming that before all is said and done, that list will amount to an unrepresented numberĀ of special appearance. “Entourage” began filming in June and will be completely pre-produced.



This show will be huge. tvN has definitely stepped up their game in the past couple of years. They have the greatest amount of “most anticipated” dramas this year, and this one will also go on that list. I am a bit surprised at the time-slot though. 11 pm is pretty late on all standards, and Friday/Saturday are also tougher days. However, I do understand that a show like this, especially if it’s anything like the American version, will probably need a time when only adults will be watching.

“Entourage” will premier on November 4th, after “Cinderella and Four Knights” finishes it’s run.



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