“Fantastic” Releases Character Posters For Supporting Leads


These posters look better than the main leads! The supporting cast for “Fantastic” should be very happy with these. The JTBS drama is a romantic comedy about about a terminally ill writer (Kim Hyun Joo) and a Hallyu star (Joo Sang Wook). The supporting cast consists of Park Shi Yeon, Kim Tae Hoon and Ji Soo, who all seem to play very specific characters.

Ji Soo has had cameos in so many dramas lately that it’s hard to list all of them. I am glad to see him in a drama where he has a longer than usual role. He will play Kim Sang Wook, who is a young attorney that romances Park Shi Yeon. His tagline in the poster reads “Noona-shi, what does age matter?”. Well…that’s pretty telling of his character. I am probably most excited about his role in this drama. I can’t wait to see how he delivers this one.

Next we have Park Shi Yeon, who will play Baek Sul who is married into a very powerful family. She is playing a part on the outside, of a happy and modest wife, when reality she is miserable. She will go through a transformation in the drama, where she discovers her self identity again and finds love. Her poster tagline reads “I thought life was about holding back and enduring”.


Last but not least we have Kim Tae Hoon, who plays Hong Joon Gi, a doctor who will be treating the female lead for her terminal illness. He is a cancer survivor himself, which makes him the most positive person out off the other characters. His poster tagline reads ““Life? We’re all terminal patients anyway”. He is also going to round out the love triangle between Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook.


The premise of the drama does not strike me as something I am dying to watch (no pun intended). However, this cast will make me tune in anyway. I love all the actors in their individual body of work and hoping they deliver in this one too. Stay tuned for the teasers…

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