First Glimpse of Lee Je Hoon & Shin Min Ah’s “Tomorrow with You”


tvN’s “Tomorrow with You”, starring Lee Je Hoon (“Signal”) and Shin Min Ah (“Oh My Venus”), is officially in production. The network decided to release it’s first still for the upcoming drama…come on guys, just one?

“Tomorrow With You” is a fantasy rom-com  about a time traveler and his wife. Lee Je Hoon will play a successful real estate mogul and a time traveler. He marries Shin Min Ah without love, but we all know that will change over the course of the show. Shin Min Ah will play a photographer who later finds out about her husband’s time traveling. The drama will be directed by Yoo Je Won, better known for “Oh My Ghostess.”


I am happy to see anything from tvN in regards to this project, but they could have given us something a little bit more substantial. However, even seeing this one single shot of our lead couple is getting me excited for more.


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