First Glimpse of Lee Soo Hyuk in “The Man Living in Our House”


Finally production is giving us some stills of Lee Soo Hyuk in the upcoming drama “The Man Living in Our House.” Although, he is playing the supporting lead, I think I am actually looking forward more to his role than the lead Kim Young Kwang.

The drama, starring Su Ae and Kim Young Kwang, is about a flight attendant (Su Ae) who returns home after her mother passes away to find a much younger man living in her house (Kim Young Kwang). Not only is this man living there but he is also claiming to be her stepfather. The stills are of the first meeting between Su Ae’s character and Lee Soo Hyunk, and they are apparently engaged in a stare-off.


I am a huge fan of Lee Soo Hyuk and really looking forward to seeing him in the drama. Su Ae is of course cute as a button, but did you expect anything less? I hate that Lee is always cast in the typical second male lead role. I hope the writers give him a little bit more than just the usual “the guy who doesn’t get the girl” part.



The drama, also starring Kim Young Kwang, premieres on October 24 after the end of ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds‘.

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