First Preview for Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won New Drama “Doctors” is Here

doctors drama

When I first heard the Park Shin Hye will be cast opposite Kim Rae Won in ANY drama, I was quite  surprised. Park Shin Hye tends to be a hit or miss for me depending on the drama and supporting cast. Although she portrays emotion well and can cry at the snap of the fingers she lacks chemistry with the male lead in most of her dramas. Pinocchio is probably the only exception to this and that’s only due to the fact the she and Lee Jong Suk are an item, although neither one of them will most likely ever admit to this. In particular, her kiss scenes are the most painful for me to watch. When you are the lead actress in a romantic drama, shouldn’t you at least give off some type of a Romantic vibe? I had to stop myself t from cringing during Heirs, Heartstrings and You’re beautiful. This role is a bit refreshing though from her norm and will be interesting to see how she portrays this character.

doctors drama2

Kim Rae Won on the other hand can be very charismatic and charming, although I do not find him particularly attractive. This paring is a bit left field though. I don’t even remember the last drama I saw him in off the top of my head, although I am sure he must have been in some in the past few years. Aside from Gangnam Blues, I can not recall anything memorable from him at all in the past decade.

The trailer look in interesting and a 9 year age gap isn’t too bad so I hoping for a solid script and some chemistry on this one.

Doctors is a Monday/Tuesday drama and will premier on SBS June 20th.


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