First Teaser for Ji Chang Wook and Yoona’s “K2” is Here


We have some visuals. tvN has released it’s first official preview for the much anticipated “K2”, starring Ji Chang Wook, Yoona and Song Yoon Ah. I must admit, it’s a lot more crisp than I imagined. I was expecting a gridy, semi-HD kind of feel for the drama, but this teaser supersized me.


It really does a feel a bit like Yong-pal. Although, writer Jang Hyeok Rin is responsible for both “K2” and “Yong-pal”, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a better story. “Yong-pal” started out so promising and somewhere along the way lost it’s direction. Let’s hope for the best for this one, since it really does have the potential to be one of the best dramas of the year.

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