“Goblin” is Breaking Records and On It’s Way To Being tvN’s Most Successful Drama to Date


This comes as no surprise to anyone of course, but tvN’s “Goblin” is inching closer to setting a new viewership record. Nielsen Korea recorded an average rating of 15% with the highest being 17% to date for the series. January 6th episode, increased by 1.8%, which means the hot drama is only 1.8% away from beating the network’s all time highest rated shows “Reply 1988”.


No one can argue the show’s genius. The original script paired with four incredibly talented actors that have amazing chemistry was bound to be a success. With so many power dramas that have been out in 2016 and are expected to be released in 2017 it’s hard to compete, but this series is nothing short of amazing. It’s refreshing to watch an effortless drama and be kept at the edge of your seat, while truly not knowing what is next to come. The only other drama, aside from “Hwarang” (which has only recently premiered), that is on the same level as “Goblin” is “Legend of the Blue Sea”, which stars the super popular Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. Anyone that has watched both series can’t argue the level of writing when it comes to “Goblin”. I think that drama will not only beat tvN’s record by supersede it dramatically. The only thing that will be left to question is the conclusion. Writer Kim Eun Sook is known for her bitter/sweet endings, with shows like “Secret Garden” and “Heirs” leaving the viewer with at least one protagonist who did not get everything they dreamed of. We shall have to wait and see what “Goblin” has in store for us.



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