Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook’s “Goblin” Holds a Script Reading


The very anticipated “Goblin” is officially in production. tvN held a script reading for Kim Eun Sook’s drama on August 30th, and all of our stars were in attendance.

The drama, which hails from the writer of “Heirs” and “Descendant of the Sun”, will star Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun and Yoo In Na. “Goblin” is a story about a servant (Gong Yoo), who turns into a goblin that lives internally after he is betrayed by his master. Lee Dong Wook will play a king who dies unwittingly and wakes up as the angel of death. The two end up meeting and living together and go on to form a close bond. Kim Go Eun will play a human bride that Gong Yoo intendeds to take as his wife, in order to end his life, and Yoo In Na will play Sunny, a beautiful chicken restaurant owner who likes bright and shiny things.


The four hour reading, was said to go extremely well, with the director commenting on how well the cast was paired up. There is obviously some major chemistry happening already. A source for the drama stated “Writer Kim Eun Sook and producing director Lee Eung Bok took the lead. The script read-through was passionate and the actors all matched well together. We have confidence that we can make a production that will conclude 2016 with a flourish.”

“Goblin” will premier sometime in December, and the count down will be hard to endure.


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