Gong Yoo’s Agency Warns Fans Against Fake Social Media Accounts


Gong Yoo is the latest actor who is forced to release a statement warning everyone that any social media account that claims to be operated by the actor is fake.

Gong’s agency stated “We are making this announcement as it seems many people are confused about the many Gong Yoo impersonation accounts and bots which we have discovered. Gong Yoo does not personally run any social media accounts.” They continued “We hope that you will take this into consideration so that it will not result in any harm.”

gong-yoo2There you have it ladies and gentlemen, straight from the horse’s mouth. It is unfortunate that celebrities have to defend themselves against fraud so often. It has become expected in this day and age, that they are the most likely victim for these type of fake accounts due to their celebrity, however I can’t imagine that it is easy for them. Let’s all remember that at the end of the day when they are at home with with their families they are ordinary people just like everyone else and feel the same amount of violation when something like this happens.



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