Ji Soo Undergoes Surgery, Production for “Fantastic” Releases Statement on the Status of the Drama

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Ji Soo has gone an emergency operation, after the actor was diagnosed with Acute Osteomyelitis, an inflammation of bone or bone marrow, usually due to infection.

Ji Soon’s agency, Prain TPC, stated “Ji Soo was recently suffering from leg pain with an unknown cause, so he went to the hospital last week and received many examinations and treatments but there wasn’t any improvement so he got a diagnostic work-up on the 12th. Even before the results came out he experienced severe pain and had a high fever, so he urgently went to a hospital and the doctor said he had to get surgery immediately so he got surgery yesterday at 4 p.m.” He continued “Osteomyelitis is also a painful and scary disease but it was less bad news since we had been praying for it to not be cancer. He had a long surgery which ended around 9 p.m. yesterday and I was able to meet him.”

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It has not been released how long the recovery process is, and if or when, Ji Soo can even return to filming his current drama “Fantastic.” The president of Prain TPC issued a statement, saying “We are having discussions with JTBC’s ‘Fantastic’ production staff in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible in regards to promised schedules. Right now we will do our best in consoling Ji Soo’s family and taking care of Ji Soo so he can recover well.”

Production is trying to avoid replacing Ji with another actor. A source for the drama said “We will have to watch over Ji Soo’s condition but there will be no actor replacements. We will gather our wisdom in continuing the drama without being too extreme and will wait until Ji Soo recovers and is able to return to filming.” They concluded “We will inevitably revise the script as time passes, so there is no need for a replacement.”

We wish Ji Soo a fast recovery!

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