Ji Soo Talks “Scarlet Heart: Goryo” and His Ideal Type

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Ji Soo sat down with Ceci magazine for an interview and spoke candidly about his upcoming drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryo” and what he looks for in a girlfriend.

The actor revealed that the drama will be aesthetically beautiful, stating “I could hardly believe we were filming in Korea because the production was so beautiful. It will be a historical drama like nothing before.” That is not too surprising, given the never ending parade of beautiful posters and teasers for the drama. He continued to say that he enjoyed working with all the actors for the the much anticipated series “The other actors are also amazing. They give me advice on acting a lot. We practice scripts together, too. They say things like, ‘Why don’t you try this part like this?’ or ‘Let’s emphasize some of your good points here.’ I think I’m really lucky to have so many hyungs and sunbaes around me that are talented in acting.”

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If you were wondering what type of girl appeals most to the actor, then wonder no more. Apparently, the rising star prefers someone he can talk to. He stated “I want someone with whom I communicate well. It would be nice if they had an innocent personality, too. If I were to go on a date with my real girlfriend, I’d take her to a movie and a nice cafe.” Aw how sweet. I don’t think there is a shortage of girls who are willing to let him take them on a date. Looking forward to seeing him in “Scarlet Heart.”



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