Jo In Sung’s Ex Kim Min Hee Reportadly Having an Affair with Famed Director


It is being reported by several Korean news outlets that the award winning actress Kim Min Hee, is involved in an affair with Director Hong Sang Soo.

The two have worked together on a film, “Right now, Wring Then”, and began dating after meeting on set.

Hong Sang Soo has been married for over 30 years and has a daughter who is university student.

It is being said that their relationship is an open secret in the industry. Reportedly Hong Sang Soo informed his family of the relationship last September and also moved out of the family home.

The actress has been without agency representation since October, and it is believed that her previous agency did not renew her contract after the affair was revealed.

The 34 year old actress is critically acclaimed and has many box office hits on her resume.

Neither side has commented on the reports or released any statements thus far.



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