Joo Sang Wook Talks About Being a Terrible Actor for “Fantastic”


JTBC held a drama showcase for their on air series “Fasntastc”, and our male lead Joo Sang Wook spoke candidly about his role and it’s hardships.

The actor portrays an actor in the drama, however the character is famous for not knowing how to act. Joo said that he finds it quite difficult to “act badly”. He stated “What concerned me most was having to act terribly. It gets more difficult the more you do it. It burdens me that the terrible acting should be something that the viewers should enjoy.”


The response to his terrible acting has been nothing but positive. The audience finds his character refreshing and at time even endearing. Joo went on to say “I’m thankful that the response is better than I expected, and I thought I was just acting in an over-dramatic manner but I think it worked out well in the end. I’ll be sure to show cooler terrible acting in the future.”

“Fantastic” airs every Friday/Saturday at 8:30 KST.


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