Joo Won Opts to Serve as Active Duty Soldier, During His Enlistment

joo won

Joo Won has officially turned down working at the police promotional unit, and chose to serve as an active duty soldier during his mandatory enlistment.

A source for the military stated “If things had gone according to the initial plan, Joo Won would have enlisted this past July with the police promotional unit. However, he expressed his wishes to serve as an active duty soldier, and cancelled those plans. He is currently waiting for his enlistment date. We can’t reveal anything now, but his enlistment date will be near year’s end.”

joo won2

This is definitely not the norm. Most actors do not choose this type of service. The majority end up working at a desk somewhere pushing paper for the time they are there. I am quite shocked to hear this news, but also pleasently surprised. Of course we don’t want anything to happen to our precious Yong Pal, however you have to commend the actor for taking his time in the military seriously.


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