Jung Il Woo And APink’s Son Na Eun Look Cozy In “Cinderella and Four Knights”!


tvN’s “Cinderella and Four Knights” dropped new semi-intimate stills from their upcoming youth drama. In the stills, Jung Il Woo who plays Kang Ji Woon is having a moment with Son Na Eun who plays an aspiring fashion designer Park Hye Ji.


In the story Jung will initially have a crush on Son, which is what these stills evidently portray. Of course all that will change when Park So Dam enters the picture, as a no-nonsense chick who is determined to make Jung and his three family members into a family. I am assuming that Son Na Eun will play the quintessential best friend who does not know she has feelings for Jung until he falls for someone else. Gotta love those dramas…

“Cinderella” will premier August 12th and will run on Fridays/Saturdays.




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