Jung Il Woo is Giving Off 90’s Vibes in Esquire


Jung Il Woo recently shot a pictorial for Esquire, and sat down with the magazine to discuss his current drama “Cinderella and Four Knights.”

The 29 year old actor said that he really enjoyed filming this particular project, “It was a fun experience. It was really charming to me that fans from all 63 countries who watched had different reactions to it.” 


Jung also talked about his experience filming foreign dramas. He starred in a Chinese project “Beautiful Woman” last year and this year filmed a Thai project named “Love and Lies.” He said “I can still feel my partner’s emotions even though there’s a language barrier. Isn’t it amazing? I might not know the language, but I was still able to understand and relate. That aspect was very intriguing and fun.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing what he does with the Thai drama. He tends to transition well, so I am expecting nothing less than great from him on this.


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