Jung Il Woo Celebrates 10 Year Debut Anniversary

jungil woo

Can anyone believe that Jung Il Woo debuted a decade ago?! Ohhh…it seems like “My Fair Lady” was only yesterday.

The actor released a statement in commemoration of the occasion via his official home page, stating “The weather’s turned unbelievably nice which makes me want to travel somewhere. We should really go on a trip. You know when, right?” He continued “I’m wondering and wondering again with a clear head just what we can do together to make happy memories as we are meeting up by taking precious time out of our daily lives.” The actor, who is always so considerate of his fans, concluded “be careful not to catch a cold, and to watch my currently airing drama ‘Cinderella and Four Knights.”


Don’t worry, we are watching! And also congratulating you on your anniversary, it is quite an accomplishment. Jung Il Woo is one of the most under-rated actors in the industry. He seldom takes lead roles, and mostly acts as the underdog to whoever wins the girl in the drama. I am really enjoying his character in “Cinderella”, but also would like to see him take some risks in the future. He  would do very well, if only he chances it.

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