Jung Yong Hwa Confirmed For New JTBC Drama “The Package”!


Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE has officially joined the production of JTBC’s “The Package”. The singer/actor will be acting opposite Lee Yeon Hee (“Miss Korea”) and Choi Woo Sik (“Fated To Love You”) in the pre-produced 12 episode drama.


“The Package” is described as a story about a group of travelers and their tour guide on vacation. Each person has their own reason for going on the trip, resulting in a collision of their stories. Yoon Park, Rye Seung Soo, Ha Si Eun, Jung Kyu Soo, Lee Ji Hyun and Park Yoo Na have all also been confirmed for the drama. Production stated “These individuals who have lived different lives and have different reasons for traveling form relationships with one another through going on a package tour to France. They experience unexpected events together and are able to communicate with one another as a result. Taking a break from their everyday lives, they open their hearts to each other and listen to each other’s stories. We plan on displaying a drama that’s like a warm vacation”.

This is an interesting project. First, you don’t see many 12 episodes series these days, so I am a little curious as to why it’s not the standard 16/20 episode drama. Also, It’s a bit out of the norm of what Jung Yong Hwa has done before. I’m curious to hear more about this project in the near future.

Filming for “The Package” will take place in France, and the drama will air sometime in the first half of 2017.


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