Ji Chang Wook & Yoona’s “K2” Simultaneously Releases 3 Teasers


tvN’s upcoming action thriller “K2”, dropped 3 trailers, and they are all making my dizzy. “K2” is about a soldier (Ji CHang Wook) who is betrayed by his country, and then hired by a politically driven wife (Song Yoon Ah) of presidential candidate, who has a secret daughter (Yoona). Whoa, this will definitely not be boring.

The previews are character specific, and each clip is dedicated to each individual person. Yoona’s clip, shows the actress sitting in a large white room, burning a piece of paper saying “If dad becomes the president, do I have to die?”. She then looks straight at the camera and says “No.”

Ji Chang Wook, is handsome and mysterious in his clip. Loading a gun and closing the back of a car, he narrates ““I lost my love. I thought I lost everything, but I found someone I want to protect.”

Song Yoon Ah’s clip, shows the actress as Choi Yoo Jin, in a dark large empty space. A man’s voice is heard on a recording saying “Choi Yoo Jin, if I can’t become president, you know that you’ll become nothing, right?”. She then says “You will no matter what become president because I’m going to make sure it happens.”

This drama is shaping up to be very intriguing. Ji Chang Wook was a perfect pick for this drama. He does action thrillers well, and I am expecting nothing but greatness for his character. Yoona is surprising me so far as well. Her teaser is great, and without her even saying a word, I can feel the emotion in her eyes. This one should be a winner tvN.

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