Ji Chang Wook & Yoona’s “K2” Drops Official Drama Posters

k2 drama3

With “K2” finally premiering next week, tvN is rolling out their hype train. The network is slowly trickling down information to bait the viewer….and it’s working!

We have official posters this week, and they are…dark. ‘m not completely surprised with the feeling these shots are trying to portray, however I did expect for the actors to come out a bit more flattering than they did.

The first poster features all four stars in a group shot. The tagline reads “They each wanted to protect something else.” Very telling of the plot. Then we have out couple poster, featuring Ji Chang Wook, as he he protectively cradles Yoona while holding a gun. The poster tagline is appropriate in saying “I’ve found something to protect.”

k2 drama

Last but not least, we have out second couple, the presidential candidate Jo Sung Ha and his evil wife Song Yoon Ah. The two look ruthless as they tagline reads “We’re quite a good match.”

k2 drama2

There is a lot of matching and protecting going on. My expectation are high for this drama. I am expecting a lot of action paired nicely together with some romance. Let’s see if “K2” can deliver.



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