“K2” Holds a Press Conference, Ji Chang Wook Says This Will be His Last Action Drama


tvN held a press conference on September 20th for it’s drama “K2”, and our four leads were all in attendance. The series, which stars Ji Chang Wook, Yoona, Song Yoon Ah and Jo Sung Ha, is set to premier this Friday and is highly anticipated by fans.

Ji Chang Wook, who trained for over 2 months for the project, said that this will be his last action drama. The actor stated “Among all the projects I have done so far, this was by far the hardest. It was so hard it made me resolve to never do another action drama. I worked out so much for this drama. I practiced a lot of martial arts at action school, and because my character is a former mercenary, I wanted to build muscle too, for a masculine look.”


The star is not stranger to action, having done “Healer” and a Chinese series “Whirlwind Girl 2”, said the the premise for “K2” caught his eye right away. Ji stated ““The tone and atmosphere of the drama is different, so I think I’ll be able to show a different, more masculine, emotional character. With Yoona, of course, and Song Yoon Ah, our chemistry is great. It’s my last action drama, so please tune in.”

k2-press-conference2I am a bit surprised that at such a young age he declared that this will be his last action project. I do think he needs to venture out into some other roles before he gets type cast as an action star, however to say that he will never do an action project is very bold. Regardless, I will definitely be tuning in on Friday.

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