Ji Chang Wook is Kicking Butt in the First Stills from”K2″

K2 5

Our favorite Healer, Ji Chang Wook, is fighting some serious crime in the new stills released by tvN. This is not new territory for the actor, who has starred in actions dramas before. He also just finished a Chinese project “Whirlwind Girl 2” where he showed off his martial arts skills.

“K2” is an action thriller in which a soldier (Ji Chang Wook) is betrayed by his country and everyone he trusts. He is then recruited by an heiress (Song Yoon Ah), who is power hungry and ruthless, and uses him to do her bidding. She is married to a presidential candidate, who has a secret daughter (Yoona). Although, Yoona will play an aloof character, Ji Chang Wook will slowly start to fall in love with her.

k2 6

Despite Ji’s extensive knowledge of martial arts and other fighting skills, the actor trained hard for the role in his drama. His agency said “In order to handle his action scenes in ‘K2’, Ji Chang Wook has been hitting the weights, which has paid off during practice. With great agility and reflexes, his combat training has been going smoothly. It’s great to see him working hard even amid a packed schedule. You can look forward to his action scenes in the drama.”

k2 7

This drama is shaping up to be really great. I hope they don’t overdo it with actions scenes though. It is always good to have a nice balance in a drama, and having Ji train so much for a role that we all know he has done before maybe overkill. It will be interesting to see what the writer and director invision for this, once more stills and first trailers start coming out.



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