Kang Ha Neul In Talks to Co-Star Park Seo Joon in New Movie

kang ha neul2

Kang Ha Neul is climbing the ranks quickly in the industry. The actor was barely known a few years ago, and is now having roles virtually thrown at him. The actor, who will be starring in “Scarlet Heart: Goryo” opposite Lee Joon Gi and IU, is being courted for a new movie called “Youth Cop.”

The movie is described as a story about two young cops who take on a case together. Park Seo Joon, who is already confirmed for the project, will play a young officer who is attending the police academy. Kang has been offered the role of Park’s friend and fellow police academy student. The two will attempt to solve a serious case together.

kang ha neul

I am secretly squealing at the possibility of these two working together. I think their chemistry on screen would be nothing short of entertaining. I can already picture the two playing off of each other and bantering back and forth. Kang’s agency stated that this particular project, Kang is considering seriously. I don’t think we will have to wait long on confirmation for this, since the movie will begin shooting soon, for a release before the end of the year.




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