Kang Ha Neul’s New Drama “Picnic” Has Cast It’s Supporting Leads


MBC’s “Picnic” has officially added Lee Sun Bin and Cao Lu to it’s cast. The project is a Korean-Chinese collaboration and will incorporate stars from both countries.


The drama will star Kang Ha Neul and Hyeri, and is a story about a group of idols who crash onto a deserted island after their plane goes down. It is said to be a story about self growth and coming of age along with a fantasy romance. Kang will play an arrogant, self entitled superstar. Hyeri will play a random passenger on the plane who gets stranded with the rest of the idols. Lee Sun Bin has been added as Hyeri’s rival and will play a glamorous female idol. She will fit the part well. Cao Lu will be joining the production as Cai Ming, who is also an idol that can’t sing very well.


This drama sounds interesting. I am having a hard time however, seeing Kang Ha Neul as a Kpop star. I am hoping he proves me wrong. Stay tuned for more casting info on this, since it’s finally starting to come together.


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