Kim Ah Joong is a Tormented Mother in the Second Teaser for “Wanted”


Now this show took it to a whole new level. The new clip shows Kim Ah Joong unsuspectingly dropping off her son, who gets kidnapped and locked in a creepy room tied to a bed by some psycho. She then receives a video of her son and is told that she has to carry out mission that the sicko is telling her to do, otherwise her precious son is dunzo. Uhm  Tae Woong plays a producer who looks like is trying to help her, and Ji Hyun Woo is a ruthless detective who vows to find the child and save the day.

For some reason, although, the plot and story is very different, this is actually reminding me of Mel Gibson’s “Ransom.” Not a typical, make you feel good rom-com, this will probably be a screaming at the top of your lungs when another clue leads to a dead end drama. I have high hopes for this one…

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