Kim Hee Sun to Star Alongside Kim Sun Ah in New Drama?!!


Well this may be casting news of the month. Kim Hee Sun (“Faith”,”Angry Mom”) is said to be considering a role in “Woman of Dignity”, a drama that Kim Sun Ah (“Scent of a Woman”,”I Do I Do”) is also rumored to be tied to. Apparently the role Kim Hee Sun is considering was originally intended for Kim Sun Ah, but now Kim Sun Ah is looking over a different role in the same drama.

“Woman of Dignity” is a drama about two women who face hardship and common everyday problems many women face, that eventually lead them on the road to self discovery.

One of the women marries into a rich family and enjoys a life of privileged until the family loses everything and her husband betrays her. She then has no other choice but to stand on her own two feet and climb her way back up the social and economical ladder.

The other woman is described as having a thick Chungcheong-do accent, who is looking to be a part of high society. She is crafty and is said to have many sides to her.

If both actresses sign on, this would undoubtedly be a powerhouse drama. They are both such talented actresses and would only compliment each other in a drama such as this. Usually I would be hesitant when two lead actresses sign on for a project, as one always tends to outshine the other, but I am not feeling that here. First, the roles are so completely different that I believe they could both stand out.

Waiting to see what happens with this one…Stay tuned…




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