Kim Rae Won Talks Career Path


“Doctors” Kim Rae Won was almost a real doctor.

In a recent interview, Kim Rae Won admitted that he contemplated becoming a doctor when he was younger. During a production presentation for the upcoming drama, he was asked by a reporter if he had ever considered a different career before becoming an actor, to which he replied “I did also consider studying medicine once. There are a lot of doctors in my family, so if I hadn’t become an actor, I probably would have become a doctor.”

Well isn’t that ironic. That is the beauty of being an actor. It allows you to become another person for the duration of the production. I hope he enjoying this role.

In “Doctors”, Kim plays Hong Ji Hong, a high school biology teacher who gave up being a surgeon after having a patient die on the operating table.

The drama is set to air June 20th on SBS.

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