Kim So Hyun Chooses Acting Over High School

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Kim So Hyun, who just wrapped “Let’s Fight Ghost”, sat down with X Sport News to discuss the popular drama as well as her acting career.

The 18 year old actress (Korean age) said “I’ve never regretted giving up high school, when I attended school, I liked to meet my friends, but it was difficult to balance my acting and my studies at the same time. I couldn’t focus on my schoolwork but still had to attend exams. When I got bad scores, I started feeling ashamed of myself. Thinking of that, I decided I would rather spend the three years I would have spent in high school on acting instead.”

Kim continued “Of course, I wasn’t sure about my decision at the time. But luckily I received some good projects afterwards and was able to continue my career. My filming experience also contained something of the school life, so I didn’t feel like there was something missing. And since I don’t film alone, I made memories on set as well.”

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When asked about which career she would have pursued if it wasn’t acting, the actress chose psychology. She said “I like listening to my friends’ concerns and help them heal. I feel proud thinking that I could give someone help. When I went to middle school, I really respected the psychology counselor. They helped me a lot, so if I ever get the chance, I’d like to study psychology.”

I am happy the actress was successful in her dreams. These sort of interviews and candid conversation always makes me nervous. The pursuit of higher education should never be taken for granted. In Kim So Hyun’s case, it turned out well, however this may not be reality for others. I am happy that most of Korean dramas, and Korean culture in general, focuses greatly on education.

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